100wc W33 – Hannah

I lived in a small town.  There were only two other houses.  My friend’s house and an abandoned house.  My friend and I always wanted to explore the abandoned house on Halloween night, so finally, that’s what we did.  We told our parents and they said to was too dangerous.  We begged for ages and finally they said we could.  They said if something bad happened it’s not their fault.  We ran into the garden.  It was getting late but we wanted to go into the house anyways.  i forgot my jacked and it was freezing cold.  As we walked to the door we got pushed back by the wind.  Then we heard deafening screams that echoed into the night and sent shivers down our spines.  We ran so fast and didn’t look back.  The next year we decided we will have a Halloween party instead.

3 thoughts on “100wc W33 – Hannah

  1. Wow Hannah! You told this spooky story wonderfully, you also set the scene of the small town and abandoned house with great detail. The tension is sensed throughout the entire storyline. The characters sure did learn their lesson; to have a party instead!

  2. Haigh Hannah,
    well done on managing to create an entire short story in 100 words , it had a beginning, middle and end.
    You really did a great job on impressing on the reader how isolated the location of your story was and I loved the part when the children got pushed back by the wind as they approached the door, it was like something ghostlike was telling them not to go in, it was a great touch. I also loved the way in which you used the prompt towards the end of your 100WC and added “the shivers down their spines”, very effective in explaining why the children were definitely just going to have a party next year, no more exploring abandoned houses for them!

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