100wc W35 Finn Ó hI

The Very Cold Dog


Myself my family and my dog went for a nice walk down by the river Liffey.  The river was freezing cold.  I asked my mam if I could hold the dog’s lead for a while so we could run ahead.  It was wet and slippy and my poor dog kept slipping and sliding.  At one point she slipped into the river.  She was crying and scared so I jumped into the river to save her.  We rushed to the vet afterward and the vet set she had hypothermia and she was lucky I got her when I did.  A week later she was home with us just in time for her birthday so it all worked out well.

100wc W35 Robyn

The Walk

Today we went on Kinder’s first walk.  If you don’t know who Kinder is, he is my new puppy and my first, Kinder is a brown Labrador with a white diamond on his chest. We went out to the lake in the Liffey park.  He dipped his paws in the lake but it was way too cold for him so we just walked on the path and grass.  Kinder was happy and so was my family, we got him a new Burberry styled collar from the pet shop after our big long walk.

The End

100wc W35 Hannah

Getting my dog Nessa


We wanted to get another dog for months.  We researched breeds to see what dog would suit our family.  My Dad’s dream dog was an English Mastiff.  My Mom brought up that we could get another Yorkie.  We agreed but only for a while.  Then my Mom thought, why not get a bulldog?  We disagreed.  One day as I was walking out from school I saw my brother running towards me.  He seemed very excited.  “We are getting a puppy” he was shouting.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so excited.  Finally we are getting a dog, but what dog breed was it going to be?  I asked my Mom.  She said we were getting an English Mastiff.  We had to drive all the way to Limerick but it was worth it.  We stopped in McDonalds half way.  Finally we were at the house.  My Mom said they are going to be big so don’t be scared.  As we walked in through the gate we saw the Mom of the pups.  She was huge.  I couldn’t believe that my puppy would be that size someday.  I walked into the house and saw the adorable puppies.  When I looked at them I instantly know which one I wanted.  She ran straight to me.  I picked her up.  I lobed her straight away.  She is now so big.  We bring her to ponds and she likes to drink out of them.  She is part of our family.  The end.

100wc W35 Robert

Our family were going on t trip to Ballyhoura Forest and we found our cabin (after a while) and then we unpacked and went straight out on a walk in the forest with Rua.  We were walking for a while when we saw Rua veering off tho the side.  We went to follow him then we saw a beautiful lake!  We were creeping up behind Rua to surprise him when we saw a huge eye in the water!  We quickly got Rua on the lead and ran away at top speed.  We went back to our cabin not telling anyone about the monster, but we will always know it’s there.



100wc W35 Conor

Rusty and his bone

It was eight o clock in the morning when Rusty the Labrador woke up. He came out of his shed and had his dog nuts for breakfast. At lunchtime his owner came out and told him they were going for a walk, Rusty went over to the lawn and dug up a bone, he carried this with him on the walk.

On the walk they passed a river, Rusty put the bone down on a rock to get a drink as he was thirsty, but when he turned to get the bone it had slid off the rock and was floating down the river, he chased  the river and the bone got caught in some reeds, Rusty jumped into the water and swam over to get his bone, he swam back to the side and climbed out, his owner brought him home as he was cold and wet. Rusty slept well that night with his bone.

100wc W35 Ríona

The Dog

I was walking along side the Wicklow Mountains, when I saw a dog looking out at the water. He was standing proud like he was the king of the forest. I took a few steps forward and the dog stayed. He wasn’t scared at all. In fact I was a bit scared myself. I walked towards him, he stayed. The dog barked, as if to say stay back. So I stepped back, then he ran away. I went back to the gate and as I turned around, I saw something faded in the distance, what was it…

100wc W35 Ruby

As me and my dog Poppet, ran across the bridge we heard a loud noise from a tree near by. I strolled over keeping a firm grip on Poppet`s lead.

As we walked over the tree made a sort of howling noise. It made a strange noise, like a howl. We looked behind the tree. “AH!” I screamed backing away. A women was listening to the radio in her small tent. “Oh hello..” She said glaring a me. A while later I was sitting beside her sipping hot chocolate out of a mug. She is here to escape her house during lockdown!


100wc W35 – Seán Ó C

Timmy “Timtastic” saves the day again!


One day as we took an afternoon stroll, Timmy aka Timtastic, was running free by the riverside. An old man was fishing nearby. Timmy suddenly froze and stared at the man he had just caught a huge fish and it was so strong that it pulled him into the river. The old man wasn’t able to swim. Timmy stopped staring and ran as fast as his legs could carry him, he leapt into the river in attempt to save the old man’s life. Thankfully Timmy succeeded.  He used his mouth to grab the man by his t-shirt and pulled him out. The man thanked Timmy and as a reward he gave us the fish he caught for our dinner.

100wc W35 Liam

Me and my dog were going for a walk beside a river. My dog loved looking at the salmon jump back up the river, and he even almost caught one! But once he jumped in and got stuck in the current, he barely made it out. It was quite scary! I just walked on the rocks beside the river. Maybe one day I could go for a swim, but my mam probably would not let me. It was peaceful, just walking beside the river, with the faint splashes of the salmon. I really hope I can go there again sometime.

100wc W33 – Robyn

Camping gone wrong

Yesterday the scariest thing ever happened to me and my friend Brooke, before I tell you the scary part, I’ll give you a little back story behind it.  So me, Brooke and our families went camping together and this is where it got weird, the guy in charge of the camp site wore a mask and refused to take it off and then later that night we went on a hike we heard the trees moving and that’s when we heard the screaming.  The deafening screams echoed through the cold night.  Thankfully we got home safely Brooke called for help and turns out, it was just cats.