100wc W33 – Luisa

One day my dad and I put up a tent.  I said I wanted to sleep in it by myself.  It was night and I was sleeping when suddenly I was awoken because I heard a noise in the wood, because I live beside the wood.  I went to see what the noise was.  But while I was running, lightening struck, out of nowhere and I wanted to go back.  But I wanted to see what it was.  As I got closer, I saw a shadow and I heard a noise.  I was terrified because I didn’t know what it was going to be.  I looked at the creature and I screamed as loud as I could…..the deafening screams echoed through the cold night….and when I got home the monster looked weird and I took the monster’s head off – it was my brother.

One thought on “100wc W33 – Luisa

  1. Haigh Luisa,
    Firstly I love the brave give-it-a-go character you created who wants to sleep in the tent by him/herself and decided to investigate what was going on by herself, not sure I’m that brave.
    Your description of the incident in the forest was very effective, the lightening, the running, the shadow, the creature, the screaming and finally the excellent use of the prompt. You had us on the edge of our seats only to break the tension by revealing it was the character’s brother under the monster head, sighs of relief all round.
    Great job Luisa, keep writing.

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