I went through the portal. It was exiting at first then the excitement overturned to the scariest moment of my life. When I reached the unusual planet, the portal exploded.  I was stuck in this unusual place. A volcano had erupted as I went out of the portal. Maybe that’s why my portal exploded. When I walked across the bridge the railings were weak and I felt tired. I had a little food and water. My phone had only 3% left. I saw these so called bodies lying on the floor after the eruption. Would I survive?


An alien race is moving in and I’m Tom, the leader of this race and we are the strongest and smartest alien race. I’m publishing this book right now with my friend Tim he’s a human. And he’s a scientist and the humans are our friends and my wife is a librarian and we have 9 children.  The human race and the alien race are friends and allies for a couple of years now.  My children are in school they are 16 14 15 18 19 and they are nice children its fun playing with them. THE END



“We’re going on a trip to the forest…” “Yay!” I exclaimed. “With your auntie and cousins.” Finished Dad. “Nooo!” I groaned. I mean my auntie is alright but MY COUSINS are so annoying princesses this unicorns that put that with the fact that they’re absolutely obsessed with me.



The next day I was in the car thinking of the giant pink princess dress my cousins were going to force on me. We stopped suddenly we were at the woods. I hopped out. “Eabha!”my cousins screamed. I knew it was going to be a long day.



A while later we were deep in the forest


There has been only one person who has seen a dementor without their cloak and that was Harry (police car siren. Police car pulls up). Excuse me Ella-Mae your story has been copyrighted soooo…..that means you need to come up with a new story. Seriously. Ok new story. In a galaxy far far away…(police car siren. Police car pulls up again). Ok Ella-Mae you need to stop copyrighting stories. Ok geez I didn’t realise. Ok another new story.



Once upon a time there was a girl called Kate who went to an odd world. “I thought we were going to Happy land” said Kate. “We are in HAPPY LAND” said Mum. It looked liked a town has been on fire. There was a person standing on the bridge. But the bridge was white. It looked like it was new. They went over to the man. “HELLO MY LITTLE CORNFLAKES !!!!” he shouted. “WELCOME TO HAPPY LAND!!!!.”   “Why is every thing burnt down?” asked Dad. “Its meant to look like that its happy land. That’s not happy” said Kate. What an odd world!!!!!!.