Rachel W13

It is 19/4/1999 and I am a girl [daughter of a rich man who owns a circus]

Today me and my brother Lionel went out on a stroll to the giraffes and there was a new one with big floppy ears it looked strange and funny but I didn’t say a word.  I think I made the right choice because I saw something way funnier,  Lionel got kicked in the face for laughing at it by the mother. “ Sophieeeee get a giraffe out for it’s practice for the show.” Dad called.   I chose the new one and decided to call him Floppy.  We went in the tent and there was a rock on the floor.  Floppy sniffed it up and flew …..I didn’t realise they could fly!  Dad and Lionel came in and were amazed, Dad said he must have Floppy in the show .

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