Luisa W13

One day a boy went to Centreparcs with his Mom and Dad and Granny and Grandad.

Were they got there the boy wanted to do everything

And the mom said “you have to unpack first”.  “Finaly I am done” said Tom.

“MOM… can I go to the pool?”

“Fine you can but get your swimming togs on first OK?” And when he got there it was closed .

So he went exploring in the woods.  Then he saw an animal,  in the sky

“I didn’t realise they could fly…WOW!” he thought.

He was speechless.

That was the best holiday ever.  THE END

2 thoughts on “Luisa W13

  1. It is a lovely idea Luisa maybe next time try writing across
    because at the moment your writing it like a poem .
    Next time try write across.

    Good job keep up the fantastic work🏆

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