Patrick – Curragh Rangers Part 2

Curragh rangers part 2

It was Friday. Cathal was at Patrick’s house they were just after having chicken curry and were talking about yesterday when they went to rugby travel Ireland. Just then they heard a creak it was just Daisy, Patrick’s dog. Then Patrick turned on Sky RTE news, they heard someone talking about Curragh Rangers. Patrick and Cathal were shocked. Cathal let out a shout. Patrick nearly fell off the couch he nearly fainted they were so shocked and excited they might burst. It was amazing we seemed to be on the television …

One thought on “Patrick – Curragh Rangers Part 2

  1. Very interesting and very science fiction! Nicely put together.I liked how it was going to be a fun evening (was it evening?) at least a fun time and you got quite a surprise!

    Good job!

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