Dylan – the Van

The van

One day me and James my older brother were on our bike. We passed a petrol station. I saw a van with a camera. We pedaled on. I saw them following us. I was terrified. We seemed to be on television. I sped off as fast as I could then I saw we passed our house in the estate. I tried to stop. James did but I was not so lucky. My brakes snapped. I turned and went into my house I turned into the gate but it was closed I flew on the trampoline. I bounced off into the laundry basket. So I lived on.

2 thoughts on “Dylan – the Van

  1. Kia ora Dylan. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. I can see you’ve paid attention to punctuation and spelling. Your short sentences are very effective in this piece of writing. Keep up the great work Dylan.

  2. Hi Dylan,
    Your story moved long so quickly very much like you peddling so fast on your bike. Your short sentences helped with the excitement and speed in your story and I loved the funny ending of you bouncing to safety into the laundry basket.
    Very enjoyable story

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