Betrayed – Aran


There we were fighting ice king when awesome hugged him I thought what

Awesome said daddy we said WHATH

Then he said good bye team cube he had I balls meme dude injured we retreated to

The bunker I sent a messege to space saying SEND THE METEORS YOU IDIOTS NOW L

THEN A CRASH BOOM BANG we left the bunker awesome is gone the injured healed

Wait wheres tilted? Our faces went pale white

Its its gone… wait is that a rift it makes sense the rocket did hit tilted making a speciel rift

And there a bunker a under ground system

Lets go explore wow vaulted guns dibs drum gun dibs zaptron so many weapons then theres a secret room it meeds a code let me guess code guess on sub to pewdiepie access granted that’s the code ps sub to pewdiepie

In it was a security room so many theres footage of meterors BANG what was that theres another man… HELLO THERE oh no its fierce triforce the toxic everyon fight fierce ran we must find more is that a bomb uh oh its heading for US run we ran jumped in the rift were in space is that THE CUBE heloo my heros said the cube we said hello master you

Must get more power popboy you are now the galaxy skin memedude you are dark bomber kristpher11 you are green rider dan you are ikonic skin0

One thought on “Betrayed – Aran

  1. Hi Aran,
    Oh my word I felt I just landed in the middle of a great action movie, your story moves very quickly I felt I was trying to run to keep up with all the action that was taking place, you had so many characters, sound effects and happenings all crammed into such a short story. I think I need a sit down now.
    Keep up the good work.

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