the audition

Ah I said what could go wrong on such a beautiful day eh nothing. Ready sweetie for what? I asked for your audition, oh yeah but it starts now? Yep hop in the car. It was a 30 minuet drive but it was worth it. I’m auditioning for a movie I want to get Ana she`s the main character. So everyone that wanted Anna had to stay in a line and has to come back every Sunday for the audition. Well after loads of weeks…guess what I got the part! (phone rings) oh wait….          WHAT! great they just founded a new girl for Anna I was so cross that I wanted to scream.

One thought on “Beibhinn

  1. Hi Beibhinn,
    I loved the opening of your story, you know when someone says what could go wrong……something always goes wrong. You led us very nicely up the path of thinking this is going to end positively because of how much this girl wants the part, how much she had to do to get the part and in the end she gets the part and then you very suddenly pulled the carpet out from under us with your swift change in story direction leaving us just as stunned as the poor girl who didn’t the part. We all wanted to scream!

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