100wc W33 – Robert

“My name is Jake”said the man, “and I have a plan. So the plan is, at lunch every day we sneak out early with some cutlery and start digging a hole in the wall behind that picture over there and eventually we can escape!”  “OK,” said Peter.

2 months later.  “Come on, let’s go!” said Peter.  Out they went and they sneaked past the guards and off they went and they saw the Sydney Opera House!  “Amazing,” said Jack, “and stupid,” added Peter, so off they went, then Jake disappeared!

“The prize is gone, never the less, but don;t be scared or feel distress, for behind you your parents are waiting for you, you know that is the right thing to do.”  Then Peter and Jack turned around!

2 thoughts on “100wc W33 – Robert

  1. Haigh Robert,
    I am not sure if you know who Charles Dickens is but this is the way he was first published, each chapter month by month in a magazine and then later all the chapters were put together in books, there was great excitement when the magazine with the new chapter arrived.I’m sure I read this somewhere and you are reminding me of him.
    I love your creativity of how you got Jack and Peter out of prison and your ending lines with, “the prize is gone………..feel distress”, I really liked the rhyming you used. Ithink Jack and Peter really did their prize in the end freedom and being reunited with their family.
    Great job.

  2. This story is never without twist and turns Robert, well done for always keeping the reader on their toes in the adventures of Jack and Peter!

    Lovely ending as the boys are reunited with their parents!

    Keep up the good work

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