100wc W32 – Isabel

One day I went to visit my uncle’s farm with my mum and there were tiny cute piglets there. I asked my mum a million times if I could have one, but the answer was NO!

The next time we went to the farm I decided I would sneak one home in my schoolbag.  When I got home with the piglet, he started to snort.  I said to myself “should I really do this?”. When mum saw the piglet, she was really cross and we had to bring him straight back to the farm.

But we got a goldfish instead, called Terry, on the way home.

4 thoughts on “100wc W32 – Isabel

  1. Haigh Isabel,
    I loved your 100WC it was so funny, just like in real life children think if they ask their parents for something a million times their parents might change their minds and then stealing the pig and it snorting in the house, how did your character imagine he/she was going to keep a pig quiet in the house, I found this all very funny.I loved your ending of the parents allowing the child to have a goldfish for a pet and I loved the name Terry, it is nice to have a happy ending
    Well done Isabel you left this reader smiling, a really enjoyable 100WC.

  2. Haigh Isobel,
    I love this cute funny story, the lighthearted humour flows through it. Mentioning family members and goldfish Terry makes it personal and relatable.

    I would’ve stolen a piglet too Isabel!

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