100wc W32 – Daithí

The Forest

I was lost with no way of knowing where I was, it was the middle of the night. I saw someone lying beside me, I had no idea who they were. I looked at him then went over to him and started to shake him. He woke up and screamed. “Who are you “he asked. “That doesn’t matter now,” I said “we have to get out of here”. Then we heard the sound of a jeep crunching over the forest floor. “We have to go now” I said. “Okay” he agreed. We disappeared into the night. The end

8 thoughts on “100wc W32 – Daithí

  1. Hi Daithí, well done again on another really good 100 word challenge using the prompt. You definitely managed to pack in a lot of imagination in just a few sentences, setting the scene with good descriptions – I particularly liked ‘the sound of the jeep crunching over the forest floor’! Very good spelling and use of speech marks. I’d love to know what happened to them after they disappeared into the night!!!

  2. Haigh Daithí,
    I loved the take charge type of character you created in your story, if I ended up in a forest not knowing where I was he is exactly the type of wingman I would like with me to help me get out of trouble.
    Well done also for keeping up the mystery through out your 100WC you gave very little away I have a list a long as my arm of questions I would like to ask.
    You also kept the dialogue to short sentences giving us a sense of urgency and fear of being caught.
    Keep up the great writing Daithí.

  3. Great work Daithi 😁 the use of dialogue was great!

    I really enjoyed the suspense and uncertainty of the storyline and the cliffhanger ending allows the reader to further think.

    Your brave character was a brilliant idea to add a sense of fearlessness and boldness surrounding the prompt.

    Keep up the good work Daithí.

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