100wc W31 – Robert

There was nothing in the room but a picture.  The picture was strange.  It was some tree that looked like it could fall at any moment and it was in front of a full moon.  Peter lifted the picture off the wall and there was the code, just right there on the wall!  “How did you know the code was there?” questioned Jack.  “Oh come on!” said Peter, “haven’t you seen any spy movies?  The code is always behind a picture.”

So they put in the code and the vault door was just opening when the N.Y.P.D came (New York Police Department).  “What?” said jack, “we’re not even in New York.”

“You are now boys,” said the policeman..

5 thoughts on “100wc W31 – Robert

  1. Hi Robert
    I really enjoyed your 100WC especially since you naturally used the prompt to be part of the story. I liked the reference to spy movies too. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

  2. Haigh Robert,
    Great opening Robert, for me as a reader I was enthralled by the location of your story straight away, a room with just a picture in it, I knew this was the key to something big in the story and Robert you didn’t let me down but I never expected to end up in N.Y.C. I love where your imagination takes you.I really enjoyed your sassy character who loves spy movies and the fact that he is so confident when he says,” there’s always a code behind a picture”.
    Finally, great use of the prompt you seamlessly wove it into your story so well, keep up the great writing Robert.

  3. Hi Robert, a very good story using the prompt with an ending that leaves the reader wanting to know more and what happens next! I like your use of speech marks which bring the characters to life and make the story more interesting, well done!

  4. Haigh Robert,
    I really enjoyed this storyline, a great opening using the picture prompt which had a very important role in the story.

    I like the articulate dialog between Jack and Peter and your use of grammar.

    The suspense at the end makes me want to keep reading!
    Maith thú.

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