100wc W31 – Ruby


“Good morning,” I said to myself as I inhaled the polluted air. I sprung out of bed and threw on my mask. The old pair of clothes I`ve been wearing for ages was lying on the floor. I shoved them on running out the door and hopping in my car.

I drove long enough until I found a strange place.

It looked spooky still since it was dark but plants were growing! And the air felt fresh! I was confused and happy at the same time. I knew it would be good to share it with everyone but they will destroy it like they did to the cities. I kept it to myself and called it “The secret garden.”

5 thoughts on “100wc W31 – Ruby

  1. Haigh Ruby,
    Great descriptive 100WC the amount of different verbs you used was brilliant.
    2048, you created a worrying picture, the polluted air, masks, dirty old clothes but I loved that you ended with a sliver of hope, “The Secret Garden”. From small acorns great oaks grow, maybe there could other little secret gardens all around the world.
    Great imagination Ruby.

  2. Hi Ruby, welI done on a very well-written, descriptive and imaginative 100 word story which was very interesting to read and left me wanting to know more about the ‘Secret Garden’!

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