100wc W31 – Grace

I knew I shouldn’t look but I had to. It was driving me crazy. Every single day I would cycle past this spooky tree and there was the most horrible smell. But this time it was ten times worse so I had to look! I cycled into the graveyard and climbed up. Now the smell was unbearable. The tree was hollow so I climbed inside. But it was  a very big tree so when I tried to find a hole it was 2 metres down and I fell and bumped my head. When I woke up I was surrounded by the ugliest smelliest sort of creatures. It was kind of a mermaid mixed with giraffe mixed with a very constipated bull. Next thing I knew I was being carried into a room with a huge fire. I don’t even know where I was because I was definitley not in the tree anymore. And then I stopped thinking because I was knocked out cold.

4 thoughts on “100wc W31 – Grace

  1. Haigh Grace,
    I would like to say your story reminded me of the book Alice in Wonderland but I can’t, it is more like Alice in Weirdland. Your ability to describe a scene is fantastic and the description of what you met after the fall was very funny.Only you and your great imagination know where this adventure is going to go and I couldn’t even start to guess where you are going to bring the reader next but I know it will make for a very interesting read.
    Fantastic Grace.

  2. Hi Grace, you are a natural storyteller with a great imagination bringing the reader on an adventure using plenty of verbs, adjectives and descriptions! Well done.

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