100wc W 31 – Seán Ó C

It was a spooky Halloween night. We went out trick or treating on our own. It was twelve o clock at night. To get to
the next house we had to go trough the spooky graveyard.
Once we walked into the graveyard we heard a creak and a spooky sound we ran through the graveyard as fast as our legs could carry us my friend was running just behind me.   I called him but he was nowhere to be seen.  I ran as fast as I could.I couldn’t sleep that night as I was frightened.  I was next to be captured, I’m still traumatised to this day and I never heard from my friend again……

3 thoughts on “100wc W 31 – Seán Ó C

  1. Haigh Seán,
    Firstly, I loved the descriptive vocabulary you used throughout your 100WC e.g. “spooky”, “creak”,“traumatized”, ”captured “and the phrase “as fast as our legs would carry us”,they all added to the sense of fear which you created so well in your 100WC.
    You also set the scene very well, a spooky night I imagined fog along with full moon, owls hooting etc, midnight, children on their own trick or treating and the spooky grave yard, all this would give anyone the shivers.
    A great job Seán keep it up.

  2. Hi Sean, I really enjoyed your spooky 100WC story full of scary descriptions, imagination and suspense which made it very interesting. Well done!.

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