Sadhbh – Secret Agent Max

One day I was eating a banana for my eleven’ o clock break when the front door opened and a man in a black suit said “I’m looking for a Miss Ella Barker”.  “That’s me!” I said and then he told me to follow him and he would tell me more on the way. Then we reached this park and he told me to jump up and down five times and say the words “SUPERSPY123” Then there was spinning. When the spinning stopped, we were in a very big room. Then a man with a very heavy looking bag came in, sat down and said, “Welcome back secret agent Max and who do we have here?” “I’m Ella Barker, sir” I said, and he replied with a “Nice to meet you agent Barker” he said, shaking my hand and showing us into a room with damaged furniture……What will happen next.


One thought on “Sadhbh – Secret Agent Max

  1. Hello Sadhbh, I like how you start your story as if it is the most normal day ever. You then throw in the twist of the strange man and spies. By doing this you grab the interest of the reader. I think you have used punctuation well too, especially for the dialogue and you have used some really good adjectives as well.

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