Sadhbh W13

One day I was walking in the park when suddenly a creature appeared out of nowhere. “I am Kat, leader of the penguins” the penguin said. “Nice to meet you Kat I’m Mike” I replied with a grin on my face. Then Kat said: “I come because the ice is melting in the North and South Poles, we need you to stop using your car so much if you can?” she said. “That’s terrible I’ll do what I can on top of recycling” I assured her. “That’s great thank you” she said. Then she flew away…I didn’t realise they could fly (they being penguins).

2 thoughts on “Sadhbh W13

  1. Sadhbh, I really enjoyed your story and can tell that you’re learning so much about our environment and how we humans need to change our ways! Well done!

    I’m really looking forward to your Christmas play 🙂

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