Liam W13

The Rogue Landing (part 4)

 After a few hours of walking we found a deserted military hangar. We sat down at one of the hills around it. “Maybe I could fly one of the planes?” Eagle suggested. “Yeah.” Wolf replied. The hangar had an eerie feeling. Like it was a trap of some sort. “This place gives me the chills.” I said, anxious. “Me too.” Snake replied. We found a nice little jet, just big enough to fit all of us. Once we got in, Eagle immediately went to the cockpit. “It looks like it has been shut down.” He called back to us. “Hey, Snake can you fix this?” He said, as Snake shuffled into the cockpit. “Sure.” She answered. In about ten minutes she got it back and running. “I did NOT think it would fly” Wolf said. Well, he was right. Because as soon as we were ten metres above the ground we were back down, and surrounded.

4 thoughts on “Liam W13

  1. Hi Liam
    I love this 100WC. I enjoyed the way you referenced this as Part 4 – is it really the fourth part or have you just used a really sophisticated writing technique? The writing is fast paced which keeps up the suspense. Fantastic.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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