Isabel W13


Hi my name is Mia.  My family and I are going to my aunty’s farm. My aunty has lots of animals, cows, pigs, sheep, and a pony I can go on. I love animals.  My bother loves animal too. My mum, she HATES ANIMALS. My dad likes them. It was Friday and we were going to my aunty farm. My aunty didn’t live far away, we got there in the afternoon.  My aunty was so pleased to see us.  We all had lunch then we went outside to play.  We were playing all afternoon then we had dinner.  The dinner was lovely. The next morning we went down to the animals BUT THEN I saw a cow flying! I didn’t know that they could fly.




4 thoughts on “Isabel W13

  1. Isabel, your Auntie’s farm sounds nice! I really enjoyed your story, I’ve heard people say “pigs might fly” but I’ve never heard a flying cow! Great job!

  2. Hello Mia, thank goodness cows can’t fly. Can you imagine? There would’t be much space in the sky would there? I like how you started your story as if everything was just normal and then you surprised us at the end.

  3. Sorry Isabel, I called you Mia in my post (your character in your story). Once again, well done.

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