Pigs can fly or can they?

It was the day I was dreading, our trip to the farm. I sat beside my best friend John. “This is going to be boring” I said to him, in a monotone voice. “I know.” John replied. It took us 1 whole hour to get there when out of the corner of my eye I saw something flying in the sky. “Is that a pig?” I exclaimed. “Yes!” bellowed the whole class. Without hesitation I went up to the teacher. “Since when could pigs fly?!” I asked. “They always could,” snapped the teacher. “I didn’t know that.” Then a porkchop hit me in the face.


3 thoughts on “Daithí

  1. I like the way the way you reduce the word said for
    example in a monotone voice also quite funny . With the
    porkchop hit in the face part . 😄

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