World War I

Today is 11/11 /19 do you know what day it is today?

Yep that is right!

Today is the day World War I ended 101 years ago of course though.

World War I started on 28/7/14.

The countries involved where England, France, Russia vs Germany.

So today we learned about the red poppies in Flanders field.

The red poppies represent all the solders that passed away during World War I.

Around 50,000 Irish shoulders died in World War I and Ireland wasn’t even in the war .Not just Irish solders died, 40 million people alltogether died from all over the big wide world.

One thought on “Robyn

  1. Robyn,

    Love how you opened up with a question for your reader, such a great way to hook is in! I did not know the date WWII ended. Great way to use red, as another important fact about your topic. Such a sad time in our world history. Remember to re-read your writing to correct any spelling and punctuation.

    Great job,
    Mrs. Komerska
    5JR in Illinois USA

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