I don’t like writing but today I had to write something down, something big that happened. Today I was with the green hand gang when Harry came over and started saying mean things to Joe .

Joe walked away but Harry ran after him and hit Joe in the head. Joe clenched his fists. He hit Harry,  but Harry boxed him in the nose so hard that it started to bleed! Joe got up and attacked him but I stood up for Harry. Later on I asked Harry why he boxed Joe he said UAIREANTA BRISEANN BÉAL DUINE A SHRÓN!!! (That’s Irish)

2 thoughts on “Patrick

  1. Kia ora Patrick. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. I’m assuming that the Irish means something like “because I was so cross” (which is this weeks prompt!) I liked the way you have described the fighting scene, especially when Joe “clenched his fists”. Keep up the super writing Patrick.

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