My unknown unspoken of grandfather?

Hi I’m Ailbhe and today I’m going to tell you the day I found out about my grandfather who was made out to be dead was alive… I come from a big family who have always said he had died in a war… but whenever I asked about him everyone would storm off and pretend they didn’t hear me. I started to get suspicious and did some researching on the people in the war but my grandfather wasn’t on the list? Weeks past and I found no more information… I scrolled through facebook knowing I’d find nothing… a shock came to me it was him luke bingham… he was alive my whole family lied to me all this time…

One thought on “Lilly

  1. Hi Lilly,
    Everyone loves a good mystery in a story and you set this up very well with all the questions Ailbhe had for her family and receiving no answers like every good detective she decides to solve the mystery herself. Just at the very end she gets her first piece of evidence that her grandad was alive and then you leave your readers left with so many questions, a right cliffhanger, who wouldn’t want to read on. It is a very clever way to keep your readers reading your story, to feed them little pieces of information and keep them guessing. I would definitely read chapter 2.

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