The pest…

I was on the bus waiting to be dropped off at Barry’s Bookshop.

J.K. Rowling (the famous author) was going to sign autographs there.

Just then I felt a thud on my back. A boy was kicking my seat! I told him to stop but he didn’t. As I was waiting in line at the bookshop I reached into my bag for my pen but I couldn’t find it. I looked behind me, it was the same boy, with my pen!

I asked for it back but he said I was a girl so why should he? I was so cross that I swiped it right out of his hands!

He was taken aback and ran away.


One thought on “Elma

  1. Hi Elma,
    I think this is probably a good way to handle someone like this and a piece of writing that most of us can relate to.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and writing on the 100 word challenge.

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