Boys Again!

Hello. I’m really glad I got to write about this. Once I was in the swimming pool locker room getting changed, when I heard over the cubicle wall a little boy talking. No I was not eavesdropping he was just talking really loudly. “Mammy” he said “can I join a football club because boys are the best at football” I was so cross that I nearly shouted back “ boys are not the best at football little boy” but luckily I didn’t because I knew he was only 3 or 4 but still. I wrote this just to make sure everyone knows that boys and girls are equal.

3 thoughts on “Claire

  1. i hate when people are sexist but think of a better title not boys again because it can be girls to and the title is a bit sexist saying boys are like that but a great story

  2. Hi Claire,
    Firstly congratulations on being in the showcase you must be very proud particularly because of the way you used your prompt to remind us all of a very important fact we may be all different but we are all equal. You used an everyday setting, very ordinary characters and a simple conversation very cleverly to put across a point that you obviously strongly believe in, short simple and strong all rolled into one, well done.

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