We were standing waiting in line, we knew it was coming. Just minutes ago the chief launched a missile. We were together for probably the last time. We said our goodbye’s to the Sydney opera house and the city itself. The bomb was getting closer and closer. The warning siren was getting louder and louder. It was so close we could see it. We were about to give up hope and then something flew in front of it. It blew up and blew me away. The energy of the bomb was so strong it blew me up against a wall. I got knocked out. A few months later they found out what saved us. A hero.

One thought on “Cathal

  1. Hi Cathal,
    You used all the senses to create a great 100 word challenge story ,I felt like I was there too I really felt the end was coming, I could see it, hear it and feel it……..but phew we all love a hero👍

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