Naoise – Lucky Chance, the Superstar

Good evening, it will be Christmas in 24 hours.  Oh, by the way, I am in Bartan Stables.  I have a horse and his name is Lucky Chance.  Today we were putting up the Christmas tree, with the baubles and the holly.  And we were also giving presents to each other.  Oh it is going to be so good.  Just then, a light in the stables caught my eye.  I ran in but it was only Lucky Chance, my big Superstar.  The light was only the sun going down on a cold but nice Winter’s evening.

One thought on “Naoise – Lucky Chance, the Superstar

  1. Maith thú Naoise, scéal an-dheas. I love those crisp, cold, clear Winter’s evenings – when you can see your breath! I especially love how the stars are visible on those nights. And the excitement of Christmas the next day too! It sounds like a beautiful way to spend Christmas eve, at the stables with your horse, far away from busy shopping centres. Lean ort, maith an cailín, Mairéad

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