Isobel – Christmas Day


It is Christmas time.

My parents opened the bottle of wine.

I dared to open one eye.

My presents were divine.

At the top of the tree was holly.

We were full of jolly.

The ornaments were fine.

My favourite one was the colour lime.

Bright sparks shine.

This is the best time.

Stars shine so bright.

We saw the sunlight.

It is morning at last.

After that we went to mass.

I got a jumper from nana

And I got a picture from mama.

I was tired in the end.

So I went to bed

Dreaming of what the New Year will send. .



One thought on “Isobel – Christmas Day

  1. Oh Isobel! Obair álainn maith an cailín. Your Christmas Day poem is beautiful. You really captured the excitement of the day. Especially the long wait until morning so you can go downstairs!
    I loved the line ‘dreaming of what the New Year will send’ – new adventures and challenges hopefully! Go léir ar fheabhas ar fad. Déanann tú sár iarracht gach seachtain. Lean ort, Mairéad.

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