Elma – Miracle or tragedy

Miracle or tragedy?

It was Christmas eve and everybody in my family was exited except one of us… my little brother… Its his birthday on Christmas day! And normally a three year old would love their birthday to be on Christmas and he did until last year…..My brother woke up with no sight!

Everything he could see was gone!

But… this year he awoke screaming with joy! He was downstairs opening one of his presents with lovely yellow and red wrapping paper with holly on it but..

There was nothing inside it… but light beaming through…. he ran over to me…

“I’ve got my sight back!” exclaimed my little brother.

One thought on “Elma – Miracle or tragedy

  1. Elma, I was so sad for your little brother when I started reading your 100 Word Challenge post. I forced myself to keep reading. I became a bit confused in the middle because you had said it was Christmas Eve but then figured out that time had passed and it was now Christmas Day. I was happy at the end of your post that your little brother’s eyesight was restored!

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Kathleen Silver
    IL, USA
    Team 100

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