Elma – Rudolph and Cupid

Rudolph and Cupid…

“ON DASHER ON DONN-ergh wait a second…. where’s Rudolph and Cupid?” It was Christmas Eve Santa was getting ready to take off in his sleigh but Rudolph and Cupid were gone! Santa sighed “urgh” Suddenly Comet started giggling. “Comet?” Santa said curiously. Comet went red in the face. “Do you know where Rudolph and Cupid are?” Comet went even more red in the face. “Comet THE WHOLE WORLD IS WAITING ON US NOW COME ON!” Santa yelled. Finally Comet told Santa where Rudolph and Cupid were. The two silly billies were in there stable but they were exhausted.

5 thoughts on “Elma – Rudolph and Cupid

  1. Maith thú Elma, scéal álainn eile. Déanann tú do dhicheall gach uile seachtain. I can’t believe Rudolph and Cupid were hiding on Santa, on the biggest night of the year!! And they were exhausted even before they set off, poor Santa. I’m sure once they were up in the air they were fine. Cailín iontach, lean ort. Mairead

  2. Great work! Very funny and made me really able to see what was going on because of your lexical choices.

    Lexical choices: word choices

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