Yesterday I was at a Gaelic Football match and it took place in Croke park.  Kildare vs Dublin.  I was up for Kildare. The score was 2 11 Dublin 2 12 Kildare it was a penalty for Dublin. It was the last kick of the game and the best penalty taker in Ireland Dean Rock was taking it.  He never misses penalties, everyone was on the edge of their seats he was running up and he sent it wide and Kildare had won the all Ireland.  The crowd went wild so after the match I got the bus home and when I was eating my dinner we seemed to be on television.


4 thoughts on “Seán

  1. Hi Sean
    I love the simplicity of your story and the way you have followed the story right to the end, making it easy for the reader to follow.
    It had a sense of realism for me and I wonder if you have eve seen yourself on the TV after watching a live match.
    Miss T team100wc

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