Naoise – Television


Tonight Me and my friends Elma Cathal and Seán are on our way to a concert. All of a sudden Zenday came driving in her car to her concert to sing. But little did we know we seemed to be on television. Six hours later we were home and we said we’d look at the concert again. And there we all were on television and Zenday behind us not even in the picture. We are pretty happy with ourselves but I knew Zenday was not. It was a very good night. You know, being on the television is not that bad!

3 thoughts on “Naoise – Television

  1. Hi Naoise
    I love the way you ended up on TV, infront of Zenday (who I’m guessing was the star of the show) It must have been a shock for your character to see themselves on TV.
    Miss T team 100wc

  2. Hi Naoise,
    I love your use of phrases for example, all of a sudden and little did we know. It was like reading a diary entry by someone who had an amazing day and I think from your ending you have the tv bug.

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