Mícheál Óg – It’s a lovely day

It’s a lovely day

Hello, my name is Frank. I was walking to AAAAGGGGGGHHHH! Sorry I’m afraid of spiders. Oh that just reminded me that my friend is coming over to watch the television. I turned the television on. We seemed to be on the television. ‘That’s interesting’ my friend said. ‘Cool man’ my Dad said. We said ‘errrrrrrrr, what are you doing?’ ‘I am going to watch the World Cup Final 2022.’ ‘That is in the future my friend said.’ ‘Well I got tickets so…ya…BOOM!’ fine I am watching Ireland beat New Zealand bye !!!



One thought on “Mícheál Óg – It’s a lovely day

  1. Wow, I felt like I was moving between dimensions, the present that is the past, then the future and now, oops, now it’s passed.

    Good job and keep writing!

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