Leah – The house

The house

One day me and my brother Connor (Connor is my actual brother in real life) anyway we were looking for our lost dog Ruby. We stumbled into a forest. We thought we saw something in the distance. It was Ruby, at least it looked like Ruby. But it wasn’t. It was a different dog. She led us to a house. We heard something barking. It sounded like Ruby. We went in, it was her this time. We got her out and took her home, and we took the other dog home too. Our Mum was staring at the television. We seemed to be on television…what was going on?…

One thought on “Leah – The house

  1. Hi Leah,
    I really loved the way you managed to keep us guessing as to what was in the forest. I loved your use of verbs for example, stumbling and staring.
    Well done.

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