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Hi my name is Simon Cowell.  You know me from xfactor, well I just arrived at my studio and I have to say Robby Williams is the stickiest tooting person I’ve ever met in my life. So I was just getting ready to start my show, I went through 62 people already so I turned on the camera then the show started now I went through all the people on the show then I turned off the camera (I THOUGHT) so me and Robby were making stupid faces then I looked back on the episode and we seemed to be on the television.

(Ps embarrassing moments.)

5 thoughts on “Karl – XFactor

  1. Karl,
    Your story made me laugh out loud. I love the idea of Robby Williams and Simon Cowell getting caught making silly faces! (We get British X-Factor in Australia, but I suspect we are probably a couple of seasons behind you).
    Well done!
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. I was looking for number 483 and could only go as far as 453 so I thought I’d stop by … nice piece indeed! I like the way you worked the prompt in. Very well done!

  3. Funny story as we all know Simon Cowell is so straight-laced!. It gave me a picture in my mind about both characters faces. I really like how you capitalized and used brackets saying ( I THOUGHT) I feel the horror right there with you of being caught on camera. Humor writing isn’t easy and you got it spot on. Well done. Keep on writing!

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