Fionn – On the television

On the television

This Tuesday I booked myself on the Graham Norton show for Friday and I was excited. And then this Friday when I woke up I was extremely excited. I got out of my bed and got on a ferry to England. That’s where the Graham Norton show is on. I also stayed in a hotel for the night. At 8.15 I went to the building where the Graham Norton show is on. At 8.30 it was finally on. A few moments later!!! It started with me saying ‘welcome to the Graham Norton show’. I seemed to be on the television! When I said that I was a little nervous but I was still excited. 30 minutes later!!! It was finished and I went to the hotel. It was the best night of my life. THE END!!!

One thought on “Fionn – On the television

  1. Hi Fionn,
    What a great idea to tell the story from the perspective of a tv presenter, I really understand now how someone can be excited and nervous at the same time. I bet Graham feels that every time he is on tv.
    Well done.

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