Elma – The reflection

The reflection….

It was a stormy day. I was in my room writing my 100wc story. There was no electricity. My little sister called me from downstairs I went down to where she was. She was in the sitting room staring at the powerless television. I asked her what she was doing she said she was watching television…THEN she let out a loud scream of joy! “WHAT?” I shouted.  She just kept laughing. Later Dad came home. I told him what happened.  He called Naoise she came in and said “DAD! Me and Jack were on television.” “We seemed to be on television?” I said.  That’s when dad said…”reflections!”

2 thoughts on “Elma – The reflection

  1. Hi Elma,
    You are the queen of adjective land, (stormy, little,powerless and loud). I loved them all! And I loved dad coming in at the end and bursting your bubble, (you all being on tv.)………ahhhhh parents.what are you going to do with them!

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