Cathal – The horrible day (part two)

The horrible day

[part two]

So you might have read my 100wc story from last week [week#11] anyway here is my story.

So I walked home from the woods. When I arrived home, I told my parents about my day. I ate my dinner and watched television. For some reason I watched the news with my friends. We seemed to be on the television. But why? Why us and not the search team or the police. At least we were on tv. Oh and I forgot to tell you the good news from last weeks story. The good news was that they found a dead body. Good bye

2 thoughts on “Cathal – The horrible day (part two)

  1. Cathal, your100WC entry really made me laugh!

    I read part 1 first, and like your other readers wondered what the good news was.

    And then “a dead body. Good bye”!!
    That really made me chuckle.

    Please keep up the good work!


    • thank you for that comment. You have made my confidence grow. Thank you very much.You also wrote a nice comment on my story. I was waiting for a comment from team100. thank you.


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