Callum – Laois v Kildare

Laois V Kildare


It was my birthday. I came home from school. I was in shock. I got a ticket to Laois V Kildare Gaelic football match. The scores were very tight. It was 17 points to Laois,and 16 to Kildare. It was half-time. They came out for the second half of the game. Laois scored another 17 points and another 16 to Kildare. That was the end so I went home. With joy that night we found our dog Max we were very happy we started to cry after we went on a walk.  I sleept well, by Callum.


One thought on “Callum – Laois v Kildare

  1. Hi Callum,
    Well done for putting together a100wc challenge that let me into the life of a Laois supporter, from the shock of getting a ticket to the joy of winning, it’s clear you are one of their biggest supporters.
    Great job.

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