Isobel – What happened on Christmas Eve?


On Christmas Eve we were going to see my Granny in Spain. We were spending  Christmas there. When we were on our way to the  airplane. RTÉ NEWS were there and the police. For some reason  Santa Clause was there. I know you won’t believe me but he was there .The real one. My dad took a video. The sleigh was there and reindeer were too . (And reindeer like candy canes not carrots. )   We seemed to be on television. It was fun.  Santa had landed. I said to Santa ‘’ how many houses did you do in Ireland ?” ….He said “53’’. ‘’He said good bye and Merry Christmas and flew off. I will never forget tonight .

One thought on “Isobel – What happened on Christmas Eve?

  1. Hi Isobel,
    I loved how descriptive your 100wc challenge it was very easy for me to visual the setting of your story. And I also now have that Christmassy feeling. Thank you.

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